The Protek EDGE ESI & Cyber Institute is dedicated to equipping attorneys to aggressively pursue and defend their clients’ interests as they relate to and are impacted by electronic information and evidence.

In addition, we provide timely education and awareness that equips attorneys with the technological competence to which they are ethically bound.


CLE CREDIT-ELIGIBLE COURSE LIBRARY: This relevant curriculum is designed by Protek’s experts to equip you to masterfully and fearlessly pursue and defend your clients’ ESI and cyber interests.

Course topics are chosen based upon the most pressing current issues and practices that Protek’s experts are encountering across their current range of client matters. Course content and best practice tips derive both from what we are seeing in the trenches and courtrooms, as well as from our continual engagement with the best of the best institutions, associations, and expert peers in the field from around the globe.

MD100 “Mobile Devices:” From “Bricks” to Flip Phones to Wristwear
The constantly evolving realm of “mobile devices” and the critical electronic evidence that they store…or don’t. What every litigator must know.
One hour – Eligible for 1.0 CLE Credit

DF103 Don’t Fall for These Electronic Traps!
Common, critical mistakes that average “competent” forensic examiners make. Don’t let opposing slip them by you…don’t let yourself mistakenly rely on one.
One hour – Eligible for 1.0 CLE Credit

ED102 Hard Drives, Share Drives, and OneDrives – Oh my!
It’s Enough to Drive a Litigator Crazy…Where is critical ESI located anymore? Or, where isn’t it located anymore? How do you preserve it in a defensible way? How do you live up to your duty to manage and review all of the ESI coming at you?
One hour – Eligible for 1.0 CLE Credit

CS101 Law Firm and Attorney Cyber/Information Security
Critical, practical measures for protecting client, firm, and personal information. From remote access to attorney use of mobile devices and disposal of computers and media, the opportunities for client and reputational disaster are 365/7 and 360 degrees. Understand where the risks are, and learn best practices for effectively and ethically mitigating them.
One hour – Eligible for 1.0 CLE Credit

ED100 Navigating the Electronic Evidence Discovery Rapids
Learn the essential framework to effectively manage the electronic evidence aspects of every litigation matter in a way that maximizes electronic evidence to your client’s advantage, minimizes his or her exposure to related risks, controls costs, and minimizes your firm’s liability risks.
One hour – Eligible for 1.0 CLE Credit


A Quarterly eNewsletter conveniently delivered to your email inbox. Topics include expert, timely commentary and practical tips on current cases and trends in ESI and cyber-related issues with direct application to your practice in mind.

Examples of the range of topics and issues covered include:

  • Strategies and technologies for navigating electronic evidence in discovery and review
  • How to determine where a party’s email, files, and electronic evidence is located
  • Evidence that can be found on various devices such as cell phones, “computers,” and USB drives
  • “IoT devices:” what are they, what evidence might they contain, and how to get it
  • Spoliation avoidance and exploitation
  • Reviews and links for helpful ESI and cyber resources

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THE ANSWER IS: Is there a novel ESI or cyber approach or issue with which you want to be a newsmaker, rather than waiting to read in an edition of our blog, eNewsletter, or Alert that someone else beat you to deploying it? Or, would you on the other hand prefer not to read about yourself in what we publish over the same issue?

  • Need to figure out what is a “.dat” file and how to open it?

  • Need to figure out what terminology to use in a discovery demand?

  • Know how many emails are in 20GB?

Whatever the ESI or cyber-related question, our Cyber Answer Geek is at your beck and call. Submit a question via email, or request a call, and “the” ESI & Cyber Answer Geek will reply within a business day!


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