Protek leverages its unrivaled expertise, battle-honed skills, and steady leadership to deliver world class, cost-effective Digital Forensics, Advisory, Cyber Security, and eDiscovery services. Formed by a distinguished 27 year veteran of the FBI and a nationally-recognized cyber crimes prosecutor and head of a pioneering specialized cyber unit, Protek’s leadership edge secures and sharpens yours.


Electronic evidence is at once both fragile and persistent, often present in different places at the same time. And it’s everywhere: cloud repositories and services, mobile devices, IoT devices, “vehicle” event recorders, servers, cell towers, and “computers,” just to name a few. Is there any litigation or investigation that does not implicate electronic evidence of some form, from some repository?

Protek’s determination to deliver nothing short of exacting and precise digital forensics services to its clients is demonstrated by our Protek EDGE DevLab. Through the lab, Protek is able to quickly address gaps and limitations in the commercial forensic software developers’ tools to provide peerless services. The recently deployed RAR (Rapid Assessment Report) tool, process, and report deliverable is but one illustration of Protek clients gaining an edge from the DevLab.

Simple. One manifestation of Protek’s “Simple” corporate touchstone (Honest. Simple. Smart.) is our QuickTake™ flat rate forensic analysis service. It offers an expedited deliverable and advanced reporting (the RAR) with the simplicity and control that comes with a flat rate.

Protek’s Digital Forensics experts make quick work of the simple, and simple work of the complex, delivering results that not only pass evidentiary muster, but maximize persuasive value.

There isn’t much under the sun, or even on the horizon, that Protek’s cyber and digital forensics experts have not only not seen, but actually deconstructed and put back together again in a compelling and persuasive way through reports, expert affidavits, and testimony.

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The stakes are high. Getting eDiscovery wrong can be very costly. Sanctions, fines and even judgments are being imposed with increasing regularity against parties and attorneys that fail to comply with their eDiscovery obligations. But even spending large sums of money on eDiscovery is no guarantee that the job will be done properly.

The best of both worlds. Through its cradle to grave eDiscovery services spanning all phases of the EDRM, Protek delivers both excellent performance and value.

Protek’s seasoned digital attorneys and investigators understand how eDiscovery impacts litigation. While others often see bits and bytes as dollar signs, Protek’s highest priority is building enduring client relationships through superior service.

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Protek Cyber Security services provides data security assessment and testing services to work with your enterprise to gain insight about where sensitive data resides, identify your vulnerabilities, and alert you to the consequences of a compromise.

It’s critical that your enterprise knows what it’s protecting, and what it needs to be protected from, so that you can make good risk management and technology investment decisions. Protek can also help you develop a risk-balanced strategy designed to protect your data and improve compliance.

Where applicable, Protek utilizes industry standard methodologies such as those defined in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s “Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment” and the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies’ “Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual” (OSSTMM).

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Protek provides expert advisory services that provide its clients with effective and efficient guidance
and services to assist them in navigating the challenges of today’s cyber world.

Protek’s Advisory Services division will assess your operations and environment and work with you to design and implement policies and procedures that embrace technology while minimizing risks and safeguarding your enterprise’s assets. Our experts will provide you with a plan to minimize the risk of an incident, equip you with defensible policies and practices, and arm you to pursue transgressors at your discretion. Lean on our experience so that you can focus on leveraging yours.

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