ESI Whack-a-Mole…Just Where is That ESI and Critical Electronic Evidence!?!

Jun 14, 2022 | Informational, Protek News

Protek President and CEO Keith Chval recently had a practical and hopefully mildly entertaining article published in the Brief journal of the DuPage County Bar Association. Keith distinguishes between the ESI that litigants must defensibly preserve and collect in “typical” eDiscovery undertakings and the Electronic Evidence that an investigator or litigator wants to aggressively hunt in pursuit of smoking guns, and then identifies primary and alternative sources and repositories to consider to achieve the respective objectives. Practitioners will appreciate the handy ESI and Electronic Evidence locator tables that are included in the article, and separately available, that can be used as guides for successfully navigating the ESI and Electronic Evidence rapids. Access a PDF of the article posted on our site with this link: ESI Whack-a-Mole PDF


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