Celeb Law Firm Refuses Hacker Ransom as Lady Gaga Files Leak

Feb 11, 2021 | Informational

The “Willie Sutton Rule” strikes again. “Why do you hack law firms’ sites? Because that’s where the [goods] are.” Why would a hacker bother attempting exploits of whatever victims’ individual sites or data repositories that she can think of when the victims have already done her the favor of handing all of their most valuable and sensitive assets and information to their law firm where a single hacking exploit offers a veritable #cybersecurity #privacy #datasecurity treasure trove of bounty?

Willie Sutton would be so proud! Lawyer friends and colleagues, beware, so much is at stake. Take just a few reasonable cyber security measures to put yourself, your firm, ahead of the pack…and ahead of the ethics and liability issues!

Keith Chval, Esq. Protek President & CEO

June 2020; LinkedIn


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